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Champions of Death

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Welcome to CoD's Clan Website!

On this page you'll find contact info and stuff about the clan.

We are excited to announce since the departue of clan SuRgE ....$n00ka has come back and took the leader postion again, With Angles as his main rihgt hand man and the other members ready to own there nothing stoppin e'm this time.

For those of you that don't no SuRgE was 4-0 at the begining of CAL-Open Season 15. But tired of the hackers and bullshit SuRgE broke off and went seprate ways. Now CoD is trying to reunite most members and go on and earn back their championship caliber team.

Always Gotta Rep The M-Crew
T-Town United

The Movies Coming soon

To Contact Snooka Email Him at

Life Is Precious, But Taking It is Better