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Champions of Death

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About Us

This is Our Goals Page

Our Mission

We would like to get a 9 person legit CAL roster 1 main team a secondary team and substitues, we eventually will give designated postions and weapon usage based on gameplay in pubing and scrims. Once the strat book is complete we can go from there. Our main goal is to go 5-3 or make playoffs in CAL season 16 if we enter it if not Season 17 our goal is to go all the way and hopefully advance to CAL -IM

Our History

Past Clans $n00ka and other members have Lead/Been in:
::[OM3G4]:: CAL-O (4-4)
Team.Crisis CAL-O (5-3)
SuRgE | year 1CAL-O (3-5)
SuRgE | year 2 CAL-O (4-0) before quitting

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