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Champions of Death

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Terrorrists  & Counter Terrorists Strategies:


Terrorist Strategies
P1 - P5: Rush outside, smoke mid, Go to lower bombsite
P1. Rushes hut, throws flashes
P2. Rushes hut, throws smoke
P3. Rush outside, Go through garage door
P4. Walk to ramp room, Goes Lower
P5. Rush outside to lower, Go through vents, Plant
P1. Smoke outside, Rush Garage
P2. Smoke outside, Rush Garage
P3. Flash through hut window, Rush through
P4. Rush Squeaky Door
P5. Rush Hut
P1. Smoke ramp room, Go lower
P2. Smoke ramp room, Go lower
P3. Throw flash ramp room, Look to the right of entrance
P4. Look left of entrance
P5. Rush lower
P1 - P3. Rush Outside, To ramp room
P4. Rush Squeaky Door
P5. Camp radio room till given the O.K.
Snipers Nest:
P1. Boost awper on rock, Rush outside to lower
P2. Smoke boxes by rock
P3. Rush outside to lower
P4. Rush lower (bomber)
P5. Gaurd awper, wait by garage, Smoke garage
P1. Walk outside, Go lower
P2. Walk outside, Go lower
P3. Walk outside, Go lower
P4. Walk opposite side of 1-3, Go ramp room
P5. Rush ramp room normally
P1. Flash over rock, Rush hut
P2. Flash wall on right, Rush hut
P3. Smoke radio room, Rush squeaky door
P4. Rush squeaky door
P5. Rush garage
P1 - P5. Rush lower
P1 - P5. Rush CT side ramp room.
Counter Terrorist Strategies:
Pistols Round: Buy kit, HE ,and 1 clip of ammo
P1. Ramp Room
P2. Ramp Room
P3. Garage Door
P4. Rush Around
P5. Rafters Right above hut
MP5 Round: Buy MP5, and Kit, HE if possible
P1. Ramp Room
P2. Ramp Room
P3. Garage
P4. Boxes by hut
P5. Rush hut, Once there walk through radio room
Raised: (1 awp)
P1. Ramp room
P2. Goes To lower, From ramp room
P3. Rafters
P4. Garage
P5. Outside on ledge(Awper)
Smokey: (All throw smokes Mid)
P1. Goes Lower
P2. Goes Lower
P3. Rafters
P4. Camp Squeaky Door
P5. Camp Hut
Fire: (Buy 2 flashes and a smoke)
P1. Ramp room, Smoke Hall
P2. Ramp room, Smoke Hall
P3. Smoke outside, Flash too, Go garage
P4. Smoke outside, Flash too, Wait for call
P5. Smoke outside, flash hut, camp boxes
P1. Rush Garage
P2. Rush rafters
P3. Rush lower from outside, Smoke Vent
P4. Rush lower from outside, Smoke other vent
P5. Rush lower from ramp room, Smoke ramp
Vent City:
P1. Ramp room
P2. Go lower from outside, Go in first door, Go in vents camp ladder on right
P3. Go lower from outside, Look at bombsite on left vent
P4. Go lower from outside, Look at bombsite on right vent
P5. Camp top of hut
Shot up: (Buy Smokes & Flashes)
P1. Ramp room, Smoke hall, Flash hall
P2. Smoke upper, Rush lower
P3. Smoke upper, Camp hut
P4. Smoke upper, Rush Around
P5. Smoke upper, Camp squeaky door
P1. R

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