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Dust 2 Strategies

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Terrorist & Counter Terrorist Strategies:


Counter Terrorists Strategies

(2 awps Required)
1st Awp at end pf cliff outside B window
2nd Awp at left pillar at Long A pit all the way back
Person 3 on right side of B tunnel
Person 4 Behind boxes in pit incaseawper dies and they pick it up
Person 5 Behin smalls box at A bomsite looking short

(Pistols Round)
Person 1 on big box next to short A stairs
Person 2 on the side of stairs(stacks Person 1)
Person 3 Side of box under window at B
Person 4 behind big box on patio area at B
Person 5 Behind stacked boxes at A(stalling ppl if they come from long)

(Smg's and Riffles)
Person 1 stacks person 2 and 3 then goes to pocket at A bombsite
Person 2 Stacked above a bombsite all the way down watching Long A
Person 3 Stacked above a bombsite watching Short A
Person 4 Stacked on B Boxes by tunnel
Person 5 (after stacking Person 4) On side of big box at B

Person 1 Watches Window
Person 2 Camps outside DD of B
Person 3 Watches La
Person 4 Lower B listens
Person 5 Seceret spot at cat

Terrorist Strategies:

(Bomb Planted B)
All team goes B tunnel
Person 1 Goes Through Lower B, Camps outside DD in MID
Person 2 Goes Through Lower B, Camps side of Tall box under
Person 3 Goes Through Regular B tunnel Then goes to boxes infront of window and camps
Person 4 Goes Through Regular B tunnel Stacked on B Box after planting
Person 5 Goes Through Regular B tunnel In B patio area watching tunnels.

Smoking Gun:
(Bomb Planted B)
Every person Buys Atleast 1 flash and A smoke
Rush B Tunnels, And throw flash(every1)
After b is clear all except Bomber Throw smokes inside B
Once bomb is planted planter throws his smoke as well.
Person 1-3 camp right by bomb
Person 4-5 Watch tunnel

(3 People by 2 flashes and a smoke While 2 By smoke and 1 flash)
Person 1 Goes Short A Smokes Mid throws 2 flashes at short(has Bomb)
Person 2 Goes Short A Smokes Mid as well throws 2 flashes at A bombsite
Person 3 Goes Short A Smokes B tunnel throws 2 flashes at A bombsite
Person 4 Goes LA Smokes LA(hopefully distracting ppl at a from wathcing short) Rushes throws Flash at A bombsite
Person 5 Goes LA Smokes LA throws Flash at A site Camps outside the bombsite watching Under

(Every1 buys 1 flash and 1 smoke atleast)
Person 1 Goes Mid Smokes Lower B And camps DD outside Mid (Towards CT spawn)
Person 2 Goes B tunnel Throws Smoke in B tunnel towards B bomsite Meets w/ Person 1 and camps on the other side
Person 3 Goes LA Flashes La Rushes to A bombsite(has bomb)After planting throws smoke Short A
Person 4 Goes LA Smokes LA Tunnel Rushes A bombsite(camps Inside Boxes)
Person 5 Goes LA Smokes Short A Flashes Short A Camps in Pocket

(Every1 buys Smoke And flashes And goes mid)
Person 1 Smokes Lower B (camps there after)
Person 2 Smokes under And Flashes Through window(dont miss) and DD's
Person 3 Smokes under Throws 2 flashes Over B (dont miss)
Person 4 Smokes Under And follows,Saves Flashes for when ppl come,(has bomb)
Person 5 Goes B tunnel Smokesthe tunnel Throws both flashesand rushes(must get there before others)

(Pistols Round)
Person 1 Goes B tunnel(As distraction, Make sure u do your job)
Person 2 Goes mid AS if a backup at B(Also a Distraction)
Person 3 Goes La(waits outside DD's intill distraction has commited) Rushes(has bomb),
Person 4 Goes La (also waits) rushes A site
Person 5 Goes short waits outside short intill distraction.

(Every1 buys Smoke)
Person 1 Goes La smokes La Jumps in pit,camps there (has bomb)
Person 2 Only smokes La and goes short
Person 3 Smokes Mid Goes Sa
Person 4 Smokes lower B tunnel Goes Sa
Person 5 Smokes Mid Goes Sa

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